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‘El Ibai de Hacendado’, the first reggaeton that claims medical research

The president of Conquistado Escalones, Abrahán Guirao, has done it again. He has surprised the followers of his channel after launching “El Ibai de Hacendado”, a solidarity cover based on different songs by the singer Bad Bunny with which he seeks to “give visibility and raise funds for our disease”.

This vindictive reggaeton, with lyrics and voice by Guirao, explains the objective of his channel and what is the content that can be found while at the same time emphasizing and emphasizing in his lyrics why the members of Conquistando Escalones do not stop fighting with stanzas like «we have come to collect money to be able to investigate. We have come to end this damn disease (…) fucking Muscular Dystrophy ».

The title chosen for reggaeton, which can be seen on YouTube, is explained by Abrahán Guirao’s resemblance to the famous content creator, Ibai Llanos, “I don’t think it seems that much to me, but many people tell me and it makes me funny. One day even my mother confused me with him!” jokes the president of the Association.

It should be noted that this solidarity cover has been recorded to meet one of the challenges that Guirao has set in the fundraising campaign that he carries out from his Twitch channel, where the goal is to raise €20,000 – there are currently more raised €12,400-. This amount covers a few months of research being carried out at the University of Valencia to find palliative drugs for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F/D2. As Guirao explains, “despite the health and mobility problems caused by this degenerative disease, new ways to raise funds are always being sought.” To encourage donations, Guirao creates varied content, such as the «Senta2» section where Eva Hache, Vicente del Bosque, Juan Carlos Unzué or Ángel Martín, among other personalities, have already passed. In fact, tomorrow-March 22 starting at 7:30 p.m.-he will be chatting with the journalist Samanta Villar. In addition to this, Guirao on his Twitch channel performs challenges every time economic milestones are achieved: from robbing a bank or performing a monologue to reaching €20,000 where he will perform a wheelchair wrestling match. You can donate here.

And to make it a reality, “I want to thank the selfless collaboration of Benzmuzik Entertainment and Jose Poider“, in charge of the production, images and editing of the video.