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Love, friendship and solidarity with Conquistando Escalones

Like Cupid but with red wings and a wig with hearts, the president of Conquistando Escalones, Abrahán Guirao, started the broadcast on his Twitch channel of the First Dates Conquistando Corazones solitarios y solidarios, organized on February 16 at the Cuina de Sabors restaurant in Vila- real. An appointment to which Guirao acknowledged arriving with nerves due to the high expectations generated and which ended with a good taste in the mouth although more than love, friendship triumphed. Not without emotion -one of the participants dropped out shortly before the live show began, although a substitute was finally found-, six couples in two shifts (Lucy and Manuel, Sara and Leandro, Paula and Sergio in the first and, Celia and Javier , Rafael Enrique and Minerva, and Mónica and Ferran in the second) were able to get to know each other for an hour and see if they were interested enough in their table companion to meet again. A second date that, as such, only Lucy and Manuel seemed interested in having while the rest were open to a friendship, although there were those who exchanged their phone numbers during the evening, as was the case with Minerva and Rafael Enrique. Thanks to Villarreal CF.

Abrahán Guirao fue pasando por las mesas para conocer las sensaciones de los participantes.

Abrahán Guirao went through the tables to know the feelings of the participants


During the broadcast, in which Guirao was accompanied at times by the Salas sisters -Bea and Vicky-, he insisted that the objective of this initiative, like all those carried out from Conquistando Escalones, was to raise funds to give continuity to research in hospitals and universities to find a cure for 1F/D2 girdle muscular dystrophy, caused by a genetic mutation that also makes people who suffer from the pathology immune to HIV. In this sense, about 400 euros have been received during the live broadcast and the following hours, although donations are still open through THIS LINK. Guirao will soon raffle, on his Twitch, two dinners at Cuina de Sabors among all the people who have made a financial contribution.

The broadcast on Twitch, which in less than 24 hours had already exceeded 2,200 views, was also highly followed and commented on during the more than three hours it lasted, and viewers were even able to choose which their favorite couple had been in each turn they fired the broadcast. evening with a shot of love. If you missed the broadcast, here it is.

From Conquistando Escalones we want to thank the Envidea and Cuina de Sabors staff for their involvement in this project and there is only one question left to answer… Will there be a second edition of the First Dates Conquistado Lonely and Solidarity Hearts? Time, although Guirao rather, will tell.