Recycle and help us with medical research

Who doesn’t like 2×1? To nobody! Well, in Conquering Steps we bring you one. And it is that the Vila-real City Council has chosen us as one of the beneficiary entities in the case of the city being the winner of The Recycling Challenge. This is a cash prize that we will allocate to the medical research that we promote to find a treatment or cure for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F/D2. This is our 2×1: recycle and thus help us in medical research, what do you think?

And what is this about? The Recycling Challenge is a campaign promoted by the Ecoembes entity to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of separating waste at source that will take place until April in 12 municipalities of the C1, C2 and C3 consortia. V1 of Castelló and Valencia. And its objective is to demystify the hoaxes around recycling and to make the population aware of its importance for the care of the environment and the planet. An animation and training team will approach the citizens to share with them the commitment to separate and recycle correctly. The action is planned as a competition between municipalities of the C1, C2 and C3-V1 consortiums of Castelló and Valencia to increase the use of the yellow container, by at least 10% on average, during the two months after the campaign period, compared to the data for the same period in 2022

So, residents of Vila-real, from now on bricks, cans, plastic trays, bottles, all the plastic containers you can think of, bottle caps… to the yellow container! Because with this gesture you will not only be helping the Planet but you will also be contributing your grain of sand so that our medical research continues. Our YELLOW bins must be first!