Geneticists of the University of Valencia advance towards the cure of our Muscular Dystrophy

The team led by Dr.Rubén Artero, from the department of genetics at the University of Valencia, is one of the researchers of the medical alliance that seeks to achieve a cure for our 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy.

Thanks to the partners of Conquistando Escalones, the generous donors and the money raised in the events, it has already been possible to carry out 6 months of work and has been renewed for a second semester. The team of Dr.Artero, have characterized fruit flies (“Drosophila melanogaster”) with our disease and in the following months will be mass testing the existing drugs in the market which can give an affordable and easy to get palliative on the other hand, verification of the achievements in our cells and other animal models like mice. Also and seeking for a palliative (very important to prolong life and improve the quality of it), his ambitious project in collaboration with other doctors seeks, among other methods, a gene silencing cure. Techniques all of them very hopeful and that have given results in Myotonic Dystrophy, a disease similar to ours in several aspects.

We thank all of you who help Conquistando Escalones to get it and the researchers for their great work.