Alberto Rodríguez, Fernando Franco and Roberto Pérez, juries of the photography contest of the Association Conquistando Escalones

A few weeks ago we announced our 1st Photography Contest, in the path of spreading our word and show the need of funds for the cure of the LGMD1F Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS in order to finance the investigations of the medical alliance destined to it.

Today we are glad to announce who will be the jury members, which together with members of the directionship of the Association Conquistando Escalones will decide the winners. The chosen three (we want to thanks them their availability and the gesture to us) are three famous filmmakers within the national and international scenery: Alberto Rodríguez, Fernando Franco and Roberto Pérez.

Alberto Rodríguez is a film director and scriptwriter original from Sevilla. He was the greatest winner of the 2015 Goya’s, acquiring the Goya to the best director and scriptwriter for his film La Isla Mínima, which amounted 10 awards in this Academy contest, besides of all many other national and international awards, including the 2015’s Best European Film. Known as well by his film 7 Virgenes or Grupo 7, in 2016 presents El hombre de las mil caras.

Fernando Franco is a film producer and director from Sevilla also. He is so trendy inside the Spanish cinema after winning at the 2014 Goya’s gala the awards to the best new director for his debut film, La Herida.

Roberto Pérez Toledo is a cinema scriptwriter, director and producer, original from Lanzarote. In 2011 received good critics for his vision about the disability (he is himself suffering from spinal atrophy) which is full of candidness shown in Seis puntos sobre Emma. His short movie Los Gritones won more than 40 awards and he is nowadays actual because of his short films for the campaign #LaSuerteDeQuererte. This year will realease a new film: Como la espuma.

You cand send your photographies until 29/02/2016. The awards will get known before ending March 2016.


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