The Association Conquistando Escalones and the VillarrealCF join forces

It has been made official in press conference the collaboration between the VillarrealCF and ACE.

On February 28 will be celebrated “Endavant Conquistando Escalones” with the Villarreal – Levante match.

It will be destined the entrancy benefit to the investigation and you can get the early ticket at 10€.

Today has taken place the press conference to make official the support of the VillarrealCF to our association. Although this help comes since the creation of Conquistando Escalones, it has been announced on the media with the presence of the club’s vicepresident José Manuel Llaneza, our vicepresident Abrahán Guirao and together with Dr. José Alcami (Health Institute Carlos III of Madrid) and Dr. Juan Vílchez (La Fe Hospital of Valencia) as representatives of the medical alliance which complete, as leaders of their relative groups, Dr. Rubén Artero (University of Valencia) and Ramón Martí (Vall d’Hebrón Hospital of Barcelona). Together we look for a cure for our Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD1F) and also for the AIDS, thanks to a genetical mutation unique in all the world which makes us have a disease but also immune to the HIV.

The first act for the sake of this ambitious goal which would help to raise funds for the investigation will be called “Endavant Conquistando Escalones”, which will be inside the campaign “Endavant Solidaridad”, which will take place on February 28, coinciding with the Villarreal – Levante match. The association will be presented at the surroundings of the El Madrigal stadium, with activities, fundraising based on donations, bracelet selling and some surprises for the child. The yellow club will donate the obtained with the ticket selling to the association, the first-team will pose with members of the association, there will be auctioned their shirts and also, they will donate to the association a limited number of tickets at special price which are now for early buying at 10 €.

Selling points:

Beerattack (C/Germanies 6) (Vila-real)

Quesomentero (C/Pare Molina 5) (Vila-real)

Perfumarte (C/La Sang de Crist, 18) (Vila-real)

Golos-ines (C/Maestrazgo 12) (Burriana)

Vip Profesional (C/Carta Pobla 26) (Onda)

Row 0: ES69 0487 0539 2120 0000 1357

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