The 2016 Gracia Major Fest will dedicate its charity side to Conquistando Escalones

– The Gracia Major Fest will take place from August 15th to 21th, 2016

– Information will be distributed at the streets and will be also fundraising with candy and bracelet selling

From August 15th to 21th will take place the Gracia Major Fest, in Barcelona. A internationally reputed celebration which attracts millions of visitors. This year 20 will be the streets that will glow embellished with several themes. Mask dancings, catalan rumba, the Jules Verne universe, a special version of Game of Thrones… will be some of the things you may enjoy at one of the most historical quarter of the city, apart from several activities for all tastes.

Each year, the Foundation in charge of the fest management, within the inclusive charity campaigns, dedicates a space at each of their streets to help spreading the word and to raise funds for a charity campaign. On this occasion, we have the honor, as association, to be the chosen ones and so be able to make arrive to all the visitors our need to raise funds for the medical investigation which seeks a cure for the 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS, given that the unique mutation which suffers our family and which causes our disease, also makes us immune to the second one.

Charity bracelets and candy bars will be available to acquire in order to raise funds, as well as an informative target accompanying them to whoever wants to know more about us, our disease and the medical investigations ongoing.
We want to give thanks to the Fundació Festa Major de Gràcia for its support and for counting on us on this important and so reputed occasion.