The “Rock & Books Festival” inaugurates the charity campaign of Ángel Gil Cheza and Conquistando Escalones

‘- A party at the Penya Celtic Submarí will open the charity campaign

– With a 5€ donation you will obtain the novel  “La lluvia es una canción sin letra” and two drinks

– The event will count with the live performance of Los Altragos

As we explained weeks ago the writer Ángel Gil Cheza has decided to join the cause of Conquistando Escalones with a very especial adventure. The writer, born in Vila-real, has donated 2.700 copies of his successful novel “La lluvia es una canción sin letra” to help in the cure of the 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS.

The first event which will open the campaign, being the first opportunity to acquire the books, will be the “Rock & Books Festival”, a charity party that will take place at the Penya Celtic Submarí, next Friday October 21th from 19:30. The event will count with the live performance of Los Altragos and apart from enjoying the music and the people, it will be possible to acquire the novel for only 5 euros, being gifted also with 2 drinks.

The funds raised will go directly to cover the costs of the medical investigations ongoing which seek the cure not only for this family, but also for million people all over the world. Thanks for the collaboration the Penya Celtic Submarí, Ajuntament de Vila-real, Feder  and the VillarrealCF, as well as the sponsoring of Multiópticas, eConectia, A Uno imagen digital and BeerAttack.

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