Medical Conclave with Conquistando Escalones at La Fe of Valencia

Last Friday took place an important reunion for Conquistando Escalones. We met Bjarne Udd, professor at the University Of Tampere and one of the most experienced researchers on rare neuromuscular diseases on an international level. He could met in person several members of our family from different ages and grade of affection of our disease and showed us something that we already knew, which is his interest as a researcher and a great curiosity for a unique case in the world. Also, we could show him our work and the events that we are performing to pay the medical investigations and some of the campaigns done thanks to the VillarrealCF, which he knows as a football fan from Finland.

The encounter took place at the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe of Valencia and the hosts, were the Dr. Juan Vílchez team, neurology department’s chief amd leader of the medical alliance which seeks a cure.