The “Els Flamencs Grocs” celebrates its 10th anniversary helping Conquistando Escalones

The Belgian “peña” of Villarreal CF “Els Flamencs Grocs” is celebrating this month because of its 10th anniversary. Last November 26 they celebrated their “tapas party”, in which they collected 300 euros that they have donated to Conquistando Escalones, in addition to expressing their desire to continue collaborating in the future.


Since its founding in November 2006, “Els Flamencs Grocs” have traveled extensively from Belgium to watch the matches of Villarreal CF in Madrigal, other fields in Spain, as well as in different European stadiums. They have always valued the message of solidarity of the yellow club and each season have donated their collections to a charitable cause.


From Conquistando Escalones we greatly appreciate the donation, we send a strong hug to Vera Verbeeck, Marc Hastire and Martijn Ramaekers, which we extend to the rest of the members of a group that has been working hard since its foundation to foster ‘groguet’ love and solidarity.