Conquistando Escalones says goodbye on Saturday 28 of the ‘Route of vermouth and musical and solidarity afternoon’

The ‘Vermut Route and musical and solidarity afternoon’ dedicates each month to an association of Vila-real, giving space in their activities to make themselves known and can raise money in the way they decide. In January, Conquistando Escalones is being the lucky one and after several weeks of music, fun and solidarity, she has to dismiss her participation with the last two concerts of the month. On Saturday 28, we will be back with a stand, in which apart from solidarity merchandising, you can buy copies of the novel “ La lluvia es una canción sin letra ” by Ángel Gil Cheza in exchange for a donation of € 5. To thank Jordi Moliner, Javier García and the rest who make it possible, to have counted on us. And we wish the following associations to enjoy as much as we have.

Schedule Saturday, January 28:

11:30 ‘Meter mano rara’ in Bar Amistad (Avda. Germany 1)

19:00 ‘Try’ at Bar UGT (C / Cova Santa 61)

As always, apart from the Conquistando Escalones stand and live music, there will be environmental workshops for the little ones in charge of Baobab.

More information: