The Association Conquistando Escalones “opens” its new headquarters

Just over a year ago, the association Conquistando Escalones was born to unite all those affected (and their relatives) of the 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that sufferes more than a hundred people who shared blood and ancestors. After discovering that the genetic mutation that made us sick, made us immune to AIDS, our disease caught the attention of the scientific community as well as the media. In this time we have been able to connect and unite a multidisciplinary and international group of renowned researchers to advance in the cure of our disease and HIV, as well as do dozens of events, activities and campaigns, in order to raise funds and to pay this research.

The initial and central headquarters is located in Valentín (Murcia), where the disease was born more than 8 generations ago. Now, we are pleased to announce that the national offices in Vila-real (Castellón), Premià de Mar (Barcelona), Villajoyosa (Alicante) and Huelva have been approved by the Ministry of the Interior. This will help us to work more efficiently and improve coordination and communication with the institutions of each affected area.

In addition, it has also been recognized in the statutes of A.C.E. Spain the Italian headquarters with which he works together and was opened so that the family in Italy could also raise funds, publicize our cause and also work together with Italian researchers who have joined the medical alliance seeking a cure for us. The same ones that were already key in the discovery of the gene that causes the disease. Great news that we will explain better as soon as we can.