q Winner of the 'Conquistando Escalones' Shirt Design Contest' - Conquistando Escalones

Winner of the ‘Conquistando Escalones’ Shirt Design Contest’

Months ago, we launched the Conquistando Escalones’ Shirt Design Contest to continue to raise awareness of our cause and raise funds for the cure of LGMD1F Muscular Dystrophy and AIDS. We were looking for designs mainly thought to be used on shirts but not discarded to use it in other similar products or campaigns.

After a long and intense eliminatory round THE WINNER OF THE PRIZE OF 100 € IS:



!!Congratulations!! Thank you for having been so interested in our design, looking at the video where we defined ourselves as “yogurts” (having an expiration date because of our disease) but knowing how to take a positive side and knowing how to get, as we said in the call for competition, a direct, original and funny idea. That it had to do with our cause and message, but that evokes joy and desire to buy it and to show it.

Thanks to the authors for more than 100 designs received. The other finalists have been:

– Giovanna Coletta


– Elisa Nanni