Conquistando Escalones welcomes summer with a colorful race

On June 25 in Valentín (Murcia), Conquistando Escalones welcomes summer with a colorful race, the ‘1st Terracotta Colors Run’, based on the traditional “Holi” which is known as the festival of colors. It is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated the day after the first full moon of March, which has become very popular among non-Hindus in many parts of the world and this time sports, music and water are mixed with this ancient tradition of throwing colored powders.

The benefits obtained from this test will be destined for the purposes of Conquistando Escalones, which are the investigation of a cure for LGMD1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and also to cover part of the treatments of a child, Victor, suffering from a rare disease, called Jacobsen syndrome. This race will have a distance of 1.36 miles, in a totally urban circuit in the streets of Valentín, being it suitable for all the public, from children to elderly, since it can be done as wanted, whether running, walking or crawling, can be done with babies in trolleys and even with your pet, as the test is neither competitive nor timed.

The test will begin at 11:00 p.m. on June 25 with the musical prolegomena in charge of a Dj, as well as the distribution of the participant kit. And at the end of it will continue with musical closure and launching of “holi” powders. Registration will be made through the website of the Federation of Athletics of the Region of Murcia and the cost of it is 10 euros for those over 8 years, who will receive the participant kit. Children under 8 years must register correctly with a cost of 2 euros, but do not receive participant kit. The deadline for registration is June 20.

From A.C.E., we want to welcome a summer full of color, solidarity and where you will have a great time with friends, family or your pet, do not miss it and enjoy practicing sports in a different way. Conquistando Escalones wants to thank the collaboration of the Town Councils of Calasparra and Cehegín, the Federation of Athletics of the Region of Murcia, Civil Protection, as well as all the sponsors of this 1st Terracotta Colors Run.