Conquistando Escalones signs an agreement with the Laboratory of Neuromuscular Pathology and Ataxia of La Fe of Valencia

The research group led by Dr. Juan Jesus Vílchez Padilla, in addition to being the spokesman for the medical alliance created for the research of Muscular Dystrophy LGMD1F suffered by the members of Conquistando Escalones, has been working with our disease for decades, trying to investigate its causes and collaborating since the discovery of the “guilty” gene with other units such as the one led by Dr. José Alcamí from the Carlos III Institute of Madrid in obtaining samples for research.

To deepen the work carried out, to expand it and to apply new techniques and mechanisms that help the search for a cure and to understand more a gene, that causes to this family the mentioned degenerative dystrophy but that protects them against HIV, and therefore, to look for a cure for millions, the Conquistando Escalones Association has signed a working agreement with the Laboratory of Neuromuscular Pathology and Ataxia of La Fe in Valencia.

Thanks to the partners of Conquistando Escalones, the generous donors and the money raised in the events, the payment has been made, which will cover one year work of this unit, which will include, among other things, personnel and execution expenses and fungibles. In the coming months, samples will be obtained and tests will be carried out on the members of this family, to identify all those affected and /or carriers and, as a result, to search for markers to characterize the phenotype of the mutation causing the disease, search of biomarkers and identification of the different processes for the search and obtainment of therapies.

In addition to being in collaboration and contact with the other researchers present in the project, recently the unit led by Dr. Vilchez was named European reference center, which will allow to work with the most advanced techniques and centers in Europe.

* Photograph of the visit a few months ago of members of the association to the department of Dr. Vilchez with the visit of the professor and researcher Bjarne Udd.