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Conquistando Escalones gets in May € 5,900 for medical research

The members of Conquistando Escalones get up every day with a clear goal: to raise funds for research that will save the life of our family and that can also cure millions around the world. It is worth remembering that, at present, we have already managed to assemble 6 groups of researchers working for it, with a total payment of more than € 120,000 and with a total need to pay another € 200,000 before the end of 2018.

Despite the limitations of the disease and waiting for a cure that can save millions and change the history arouse the interest of national and international institutions and large companies, we, the members of Conquistando Escalones are the ones who are raising the funds, thanks also of course to the help of the municipalities where we reside, as well as the small shops and businesses around them that help us organize events or sponsor them.

In May 2017, by coordinatiion of members of the board of the province of Murcia, Vila-real (Castellón), La Vila Joiosa (Alicante) and Farra D’Isonzo (Italy) and thanks to those who have collaborated organizing ” Drilo gang “,” BeerrockFest Vol.3 “,” 2 comic meters “and” In Farra Recitas “, we have managed to raise € 5,900, which as everything we get, will go direct to pay researchers. Thanks to all of you who do it possible.

If you want to contribute, you have many ways to help:

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