Disability, black humor and medical research: Conquistando Escalones vice president becomes ‘youtuber’

“When most national media prefer to spend time talking about rare diseases to hype two specific cases of scam and when you go to a national Talent Show expecting that the world knows your fight and you end up with your performance being censored …. The next natural step was to make my own TV. “With these words Abrahán Guirao announced, vice president of Conquistando Escalones, that he was going to launch soon his own Youtube channel.

Collaborator for years in various media, with extensive experience in social networks, marketing campaigns, creative processes and freelance writer and monologist, recognizes that he does not pretend to be “the new Dani Rovira on wheels. The basis of the channel is humor, but due to health conditions, logistics problems and housing needs, the purpose is not to make tours, but a new way to make our disease known to the world. In a little more than two years, the Conquistando Escalones Association has managed to raise more than € 120,000 that have already gone to pay the different research groups seeking a cure for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F.

In addition, this would be a new hope for the tens of millions affected by AIDS, since the mutation caused by muscular disease prevents them from being affected by HIV. This is stated by Dr. José Alcamí, director of the Unit of Immunopathology of the Carlos III Institute of Madrid and one of the leaders of the up to 6 research groups in collaboration with some others that Conquistando Escalones has managed to gather. Although they do not stop to carry out events and campaigns of collection, and they have the support of the people of their surroundings, municipalities of the municipalities where they reside, small and medium enterprises and equipment like VillarrealCF, the costs of the investigations are very high, and before 2018 need to raise more than € 200,000 so they do not stop the research. And most importantly, it does not only benefit them and they are convinced that if more people knew them, it would be easier to achieve.

In addition, the YouTube channel of Abrahán (‘Turbo Lover’ as artistic name) “aims to be a meeting point for people with disabilities, talk about topics that are not usually discussed anywhere, breaking barriers, bursting taboos. Share the simple things of his everyday’s life and the tricks and experiences that he learned as the degenerative disease progressed and that hopefully serve for many others to go through something similar. Take it with humor, naturalness and lose the fears and complexes.

He promises different videos than usual, of the most varied and has already released the video presentation where he explains better why he opens it and what he will have:

Some days ago, he uploaded this trailer: