‘VillarrealCF Soccer Hunters’ helps Conquistando Escalones and reaches homes all over the world

A few months ago, the official video game of the Yellow Submarine, titled ‘VillarrealCF Soccer Hunters’ was presented. As we told you, this project was closely linked to Conquistando Escalones. On the one hand because our vice president Abrahán Guirao is part of the study that created it, (Vampirako Studio), together with Omar Serralvo, Maria Martinez and Sara Serralvo. But above all, because much of the benefits will go to our cause, which is none other than paying for medical research that seeks the cure of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and AIDS.


Beyond helping to this end with the added purchases of a video game that is free download for ANDROID and IOS, from Vampirako Studio they have been launching a line of merchandising that already includes t-shirts, a card game, cups and cushions. In addition to physically approaching the Official Stores of VillarrealCF, you can buy them online, so you can have them without leaving home and on the one hand look and enjoy fun and original products, as well as help us raise funds for medical research. In addition, they hope to expand this universe of football, fantasy and solidarity, with an illustrated book and an animated series.


You have several options to acquire the merchandising from your pc or mobile. VillarrealCF’s own website and also in Tokyo Shop, one of the most important portals in Spain, specialized in products related to manga, anime and video games. In fact, in the VAMPIRAKO STUDIO WEB SHOP you can choose the point of purchase and know more details of all the products in the catalog.