Parents of Santa Anna College in Premià de Dalt turn to Conquistando Escalones

The gr6owth of the pedigree tree over many generations has made our family and our Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F expand in different parts of Spanish territory and even the Italian Northeast. In Premià de Dalt (and Mar) lives a core of our family that has made more and more people turn to the cause. And there are gestures that reach our heart, like the parents of 6th year of the Santa Anna School in Premià de Dalt, who for the second consecutive year, after finishing school, donated what they have left in surplus to that we can continue with the payments of the investigations that seek a cure for us, and in passing, for millions. 245’90 euros that we add to our purpose and an emotional gratitude that we give them for their involvement towards us.