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Conquistando Escalones wishes you a Merry Christmas with a great and beautiful discovery

So far, the fact that a mutation causes Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy “thanks” to a genetic mutation (in the protein called Transportin-3) and that this mutation prevents its affected ones to be infected by HIV, it is exclusive of our family, for 8 generations and with many currently affected distributed by different Spanish autonomous communities and a small family nucleus that resides in the northeast of Italy.

We say so far, because in the last few months the world has discovered more people who have a mutation in the Transportin-3, which causes them a Muscular Dystrophy and that therefore in the absence of more evidence from the researchers, it would also be of the type 1F and it is very likely that they are immune or highly resistant to HIV.

There is a man in the Czech Republic, a family in Sweden and two people (a mother and a son) in Hungary, with no family relationship between them or with us. It must be clear that it is not exactly the same mutation but a very similar one in the same gene. It is an incredible and very interesting finding towards the investigation and at the same time, a joy for them to know that they are not alone. The researchers we finance and who work (7 groups currently) in favor of the Conquistando Escalones Association are already in contact to advance and inquire more about it and we as an association have already been able to talk with some of these patients.

In fact, the postcard in where we wish you a Merry Christmas is made by the child of the Hungarian family, who is healthy but his dream for these dates is that his mother and brother will soon find a cure.

Thanks to all those who in one way or another, support medical research and help us to find a cure for us that in turn can serve the millions who suffer from HIV. To you and in general to all those who are reading these lines …