The most viral humor raises funds for the investigation of Muscular Dystrophy and HIV

Together they add millions and millions of followers and viewings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and / or Youtube, as well as triumph in radio and television programs. The next March 3 in Vila-real (Castellón) will help raise funds for the research of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV.

They are Agustín Durán, Loulogio, Juan Amodeo and Pantomima Full. And they will arrive from the hand of the Conquistando Escalones Association, which organizes, with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de Vila-real and the VillarrealCF, the ‘Festival del Humor 4G’. The Conquistando Escalones association is formed by a family that suffers a strange type of Muscular Dystrophy (Limb-girdle 1F), which genetic mutation makes them immune to HIV. They have now managed to collect and pay € 150,000 to the 7 groups of national and international researchers working on a cure that can serve them and in the process help millions in the world. By 2018 they need to pay 200,000 euros more and therefore they do not stop organizing events like the one quoted on March 3 to get it.

After the success achieved in 2016 with the ‘Festival de l’humor en valencià’, which managed to raise nearly € 20,000 for medical research, they try to repeat it and even surpass it and for this they appeal to companies that want to collaborate with their sponsorship to cover the greater number of expenses derived from the festival so the benefit is the largest possible.


The launch is carried out with a discount promotion for which the entrance costs only a donation of € 18 for the fastest 200. From there, the early entry is € 20 and € 22 at the box office. On the Servientradas website, if you do not attend but want to collaborate, you can make a donation as a Row 0.

Soon physical points of sale will be announced throughout the province of Castellón.

From Conquistando Escalones we would like to thank the Servientradas team, the MPC Management team, as well as the Vila-real Town Council and VillarrealCF.