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Rock, craft beer and solidarity, protagonists at the San Pascual 2018 festivities

On Saturday, May 12, at the San Pascual’18 festivities, the BeeRЯock Fest Vol. IV will be held in Vila-real, organized by the Conquistando Escalones Association, the Vila-real City Council, Beer-attack and VaBé. As every year, its purpose is none other than to obtain funds for the investigation of the Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F that a family suffers, whose mutation immunizes them with HIV. Therefore, the 7 groups of researchers that currently work for it, seek the cure for millions.

This festival is growing every year. It started without the tagline of “rock”, therefore without music and being a meeting where a couple of barrels of craft beer were served among friends, for now having moved to a larger location, bringing together the most leading groups of the province , to the most important artisan brewers of our territory and to outstanding stands of gastronomy. In this event also, it will have musical activities for the whole family and will last for 12 hours, from 12 in the morning until midnight.

The poster is headed by Dry River, a band from Castellón that is currently in the top national sales and which hangs the “Sold Out” in all its concerts. They will be accompanied by people like the folk-metal referents Lèpoka, the acclaimed tribute to U2 performed by The Edge Project, in a festival that will start with an exhibition by Party Swingers + Swing i Au Castellón, which will have a more familiar side to the rock for children and adults of Iabadabadú and La Glüps Band and the participation of one of the most outstanding local bands such as Plum. All of them, bands from the province of Castellón, to which will be added from the Ribera, Els Ullals, the new band by Toni de l’Hostal, the Valencian singer-songwriter and comedian, now also a drummer, who will also act as master of ceremonies and “entertainer” of this BeeRЯock Fest.

A festival that year after year wins in ambition but also in costs. Therefore, from the Conquistando Escalones Association, we make a final call for all companies wishing to promote themselves and with their sponsorship to help as many benefits as possible for medical research, contact them at 605263064 or conquistandoescalones@gmail.com . There is a deadline until Friday, April 20.

75% of the costs have already been covered thanks to the sponsorship of MAVIC ENGINEERING, economy, A digital image, Aluframe Carpinteria de Aluminio y PVC, Serteca 2011, SLL, Physiotherapy and Podiatry A & A, Tptica Tàrrega 40, GREGORIS, Vila Projectes Real, Martí Asesores Tributarios SL, Al d’Emilio Restaurant, CASDA – Citizen Association Against AIDS Castellón, Calcsicova Federation, Vilanova Llopico Orthopedics, Eva Cabebio Tapisseria, SServices, Mecanizados Notari, El Racó de Pepa, Esport2, Vila-real Veterinaria, Volumenzero Locals D’assaig, Tecnyshop Vila-real, Vampirako and Vinomentero.

The festival will take place in the courtyard of the Ortells Sculptor School and the entrance is totally free.