The Merck – Serono Foundation grants € 30,000 to research our rare disease and its relationship with HIV

We are pleased to announce that the Merck – Serono Foundation ( has awarded the Dr.Alcamí team, from the AIDS Immunopathology Unit of the Carlos III Institute of Madrid, a € 30,000 grant to continue investigating our genetic mutation, its relationship with HIV and therefore continue to seek a cure for us, which in turn, can help millions.

This is an important help for the expenses of coming months and a reward for constant work. We will continue working to cover the remaining expenses of this research channel and the other 6 open and ongoing.

To thank the Merck – Serono Foundation for granting this project on our rare disease the one chosen for the grant awarded to this field and our congratulations to all those who have made it possible, in this case especially to the entire team of Dr.Alcamí.

The next June 28 at the Teatro Real de Madrid will be delivered the grant.