Dr. Sara Rodríguez Mora presents our research at the most important international conference on AIDS

From the 23rd to the 27th of July the ‘AIDS2018’ took place, the most important international event on AIDS, which has the presence of the main researchers of the world and which is celebrated every two years in different cities. This time it took place in Amsterdam, which has hosted the greatest experts in the field of HIV and the latest advances in the search for treatments for this disease. Dr. Sara Rodríguez Mora, of the AIDS Immunopathology team of the Carlos III Institute of Madrid, after presenting and having relevance in other important congresses the research on the unique mutation in the world that causes our family Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F but it immunizes us against HIV, has been invited to the aforementioned international congress held in Amsterdam and has presented in poster format the latest advances in this regard, being awarded with a scholarship to carry it out. Soon, they will be launched in scientific publications and given the relevance of these, we trust that it will be a push to obtain funding support.

From the Conquistando Escalones Association, we want to thank Dr. Sara Rodríguez Mora, not only her tireless work in search of a cure for us, but her patience and spirit in difficult times that we have to live and also her total involvement at a personal level, helping us in many facets for fundraising. It is a pity that today it is the patients and researchers who have to get the money to investigate, but it is a pleasure to do it with Sara and the rest of the team led by Dr.Alcamí.