The strange case

As every year at this time, taking advantage of the fact that the media gives special attention to the struggle for the eradication of HIV, we remember that our association is formed by a family that has a unique genetic mutation that causes us Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F  but at the same time makes you immune to HIV. We take advantage of our own resources and no help beyond our immediate surroundings in the places where we live, the € 200,000 per year that costs the research that seeks a cure for us and in the way for millions.

Nobody who knows our case, understands that a scientific milestone of such caliber does not have more support and we should be the patients, with the health and mobility problems that we suffer from those that based on events and campaigns we have to raise the necessary.

This year, this week, are more marked than ever, given that it is world news that a Chinese doctor, skipping all law and ethics, has “created” by genetic editing, the first people immune from birth to HIV. We are “natural” (in exchange for receiving a Muscular Dystrophy) and we need help.

We appreciate any dissemination and support.