‘Jazz Christmas Concert’ by Alonis Band on Thursday, December 27 at La Vila Joiosa

Next Thursday December 27 will take place at 20:00 in the Llar of the Pensioner of La Vila Joisa, the ‘Jazz Christmas Concert by Alonis Band’, a concert whose benefits are intended for the Conquistando Escalones Association, in order to as always be able to pay for research that seeks a cure for our Limb-girdleMuscular Dystrophy 1F , as well as for the millions of people who suffer from HIV. The genetic mutation that causes rare disease and degeneration prevents infection of the virus.

In the concert, the Alonis Band will delight those present with a renewed repertoire and will accompany the singer Anna Ribera Adrover with some of her new songs. In addition, a free raffle will be raffled among all those attending the concert.

Donation Price: € 6 advance, € 8 at the box office.

Points of Sale: Vila Llibres and Especialitats Lloret

From Conquistando Escalones we want to thank all the participating musicians for the realization of this event, as well as all the collaborators that make it possible.