Craft beer and solidarity for all if the VillarrealCF keeps the First Division

There is a campaign started after VillarrealCF 2-2 Espanyol from our president, Abrahán Guirao, who, convinced of salvation, promised a craft and solidarity beer for each one who did RT for when VillarrealCF confirms mathematically that it stays in First Division and to do for it a great party that serves as celebration and to raise funds for medical research. Attached capture of that tweet ( that at this time exceeds 300 RT, or what is the same, 300 beers or about 4 barrels. Several sponsors have already been offered to cover the costs of barrels and several places to celebrate the event.

Remember that the Conquistando Escalones Association is a family that suffers a genetic mutation unique in the world that causes Muscular Dystrophy of 1F Cinturas, but at the same time immunizes us against the AIDS virus. Currently 7 research groups are working on a cure for us, which in turn, can help millions. The annual costs are close to € 200,000 and in addition to many events and campaigns, our craft beer ‘A.C.E. Beer ‘helps us raise funds.