q Conquistando Escalones in the 'II Shared Experiences FP' of the IES Miralcamp - Conquistando Escalones

Conquistando Escalones in the ‘II Shared Experiences FP’ of the IES Miralcamp

This past Friday we had the honor of being invited by the IES Miralcamp of Vila-real to participate along with other speakers the ‘FP Shared Experiences Day’, in which, our president Abrahán Guirao was able to explain to the more than one hundred attendees, students of FP, what is to live with a disease like our Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and above all, the history and the day to day of a fight that is not other than to get approximately 200,000 € per year to be able to pay the 7 groups of research that work in search of a cure.

We want to thank both the institute in general, and Juanjo Chorro in particular, as well as the AMPA for the invitation and the help received for the association.