About € 5,000 for medical research thanks to the ‘Valencian Musicians for Science’

On Friday, March 15, the ‘Gala-Concert: Valencian Musicians for Science’ took place in the Iturbi Hall of the Palau de la Música in Valencia. Organized by the Conquistando Escalones Association in order to raise funds for the research of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV. The association is formed by a family that for 8 generations suffers from the aforementioned muscular disease, which is genetic and degenerative. Since 2013 it was discovered that the protein that makes us sick makes us immune to HIV,. The annual costs of these investigations are around € 200,000 and therefore, in Conquistando Escalones we do not stop holding events and campaigns to raise awareness of our case and raise funds.

Despite the complicated date, in full ‘plantà’ Fallas, the final balance is very close to the € 5000 clean achieved to continue paying the 7 research groups working on the search for treatments of both muscle disease and of the AIDS virus. This has been possible thanks to the generosity of all the participating musicians who joined from the start to the cause and in an altruistic way, as well as to the Spanish Brass for being the organizing and executing head for the event to be possible.

Billion thanks to Spanish Brass, Al Tall, Vicent Torrent, Amores, Orfeó Valencià, B3 Brouwer Trio, Casulana Quintet, Pansa Purple, Rascanya, Eduardo Benetó, Enric Ribes Martorell, as well as Amàlia Garrigós who did a great job as an anchorwoman , as well as disseminating the cause among all attendees. Also thank the City of Valencia for the transfer of space, the Palau and all its workers for the incredible treatment received and the Vila-real City Council and the Red Innpulso for their important collaboration in the event.

You can see the photos of the event, work of Ángel Tejo, in THIS LINK.