q The party and promises for the permanence of VillarrealCF add more than € 2,500 for medical research - Conquistando Escalones

The party and promises for the permanence of VillarrealCF add more than € 2,500 for medical research

It all started with a bet from the president of Conquistando Escalones, Abrahán Guirao, who in February, with Villarreal CF being 5 points below salvation, said he was confident that the Yellow Submarine would be saved and that when he got it, he would invite to drink our beer. artisan and solidary (ACE Beer) to everyone who shared this publication. And that would be done within the framework of a party in which funds would be raised for the research of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV.

This party took place this Friday, May 24, thanks to the kindness and hospitality of Penya Celtic Submarí, as well as all the volunteers who helped and the Beatles tribute show ‘Let it beat’. And of course, thanks also to all the attendees. The beer was served without cost but several urns were installed for those who wanted to make a voluntary donation, in which they have collected just over € 800.

To this is added the cost of craft beer barrels, which amounted to just over € 600 paid by Construcciones José Claramonte S.L., Enric Martí de Econectia, Hernan Sanz and Javier Serralvo. We must also add the € 700 entered by the twitter ‘Esceptic’ who promised to enter € 100 for each point that the VillarrealCF ended up taking the permanence. And finally, to fundraising online proposed by Juan Ramón Sancho who said he would shave his hair if we added € 200 and finally got more than € 500 and also cut his hair live at the party Jose Pascual Trilles.

At the end and subtracting some small expense from the realization of the party, with the same as with the promises for permanence, have been added more than € 2,500 for medical research.

And although it will be in July, it will be necessary to add what is collected in the party due to the permanence that the Penya Flamencs Grocs will make in Belgium.

Thank you very much to everyone!