Alianza-Galadtrans and its Christmas Lottery collaborate with Conquistando Escalones

Like last year, Alianza-Galadtrans. He has decided with his Christmas lottery and in collaboration with the PlayLoterias portal, to help Conquistando Escalones.

How to collaborate in this campaign? As easy as acquiring a tenth of Christmas Lottery number 94404 in this portal enabled for it. You pay € 21, of which you play € 20 and € 1 goes for the investigation of the Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV:

We want to thank Alianza-Galadtrans and all its employees and, in general, all those who help us with the purchase of the tenth. Good luck to everyone! Your joy will be ours.

We also remember that at the Conquistando Escalones Association we also have Christmas Lottery for sale. Both tenths and ballots can be purchased at the physical points listed in THIS NOTE and also € 5 participations in the following link:

What is Alliance-Galadtrans?

Galadtrans was born as a transport and logistics company in 2009, becoming a benchmark in the sector in a few years. More than 20 years of experience of the management team, together with the best selection of professionals located throughout Europe and an established commercial network resulted in the creation of the Galadtrans Alliance 2012. Since then, Galadtrans Alliance has signed different agreements with other transport companies, growing in an orderly manner, with the aim of providing the greatest possible coverage to customers and charting a path of success from effort and commitment. At present, the company is among the best transport companies operating throughout Europe. Galadtrans Alliance offers comprehensive transport management, which combines the trajectory and commercial network of an agency and the capacity of a transport company.

What is Conquistando Escalones?

The Conquistando Escalones Association forms a family that suffers, for more than 8 generations, a unique genetic mutation in the world makes them sick but in turn, scientists have proven that it makes them immune to HIV. Currently, several research groups are looking for a cure for them that can also save millions. Therefore, Conquistando Escalones must get € 200,000 every year to be able to pay for these investigations. The way to get these funds is by holding events, campaigns and other initiatives.