Countdown to the ‘1st cycle of concerts: Castellón con la Ciencia´

The first cycle of concerts Castellón with Science, organized by the Conquistando Escalones Association in order to raise funds for medical research, is about to start and tickets for all concerts are now on sale.

In this way, on October 26, La Burbuja de Castellón will host the presentation of “There is a place”, the new album by Delafé, recorded between the summer of 2017 and 2019, and which is the first self-published work by the band after the departure of the multinational Warner. In this event, you can also enjoy the pop / rock of Castellón “Próxima B”. Tickets for this appointment can be purchased through the Servientradas website and in Acero & Piel, located on Calle San Félix, 1 in Castellón for a price of € 12 and at the box office at a cost of € 15.

However, the program will start on October 24 at 8:30 p.m. in the Because room in Castellón with sarcasm and critic Toni de l’Hostal, who presents his latest album. Tickets for what will be the first appointment of the five scheduled, are already on sale and can be purchased through the Servientradas website; in Because and in Steel & Leather. The entrance fee is € 10 which also includes the new album by Toni de l’Hostal.

November is the month that brings together the most appointments, with a first stop on the 9th with the performance in the La Bubble room of Combo Calada, which will bring Jamaican music through “perverted jazz with funk, ska and reggae” and Jamaleonics that , from 23:00 hours, they will play their reggae, rock, rumba and cumbia music. Tickets are available on the website of Servants and in Steel & Leather for € 10 and at the box office, € 15.

In the middle of the month, on the 15th, the singer-songwriter Guille Dinnbier will land in the Sala Because he will present his messy work accompanied on the poster by the singer-songwriter Gem. Tickets are available on the Servientradas website; in Because and in Steel & Leather. The entrance fee is € 5 or € 8 at the box office.

The Barcelona Cheeto’s Magazine and its rock will be responsible for closing this cycle with the Gran Músico y Mejor Persona from Castellón, on November 24 also in the Because room. Tickets can be purchased at; in Because and in Acero & Piel, for € 8 or € 10 at the box office.

Also, it should be noted that these appointments can be carried out thanks to the sponsorship of Banco Mediolanum, Canseco Ceramics, Ibara Multiópticas, A-Uno Digital Image, Discesur, Esther Pastry Catering, Exagres, Gamma Due, Limitronic, Malco Rent a Car, Tecnyshop , CASDA, Calcsicova and Marble Moldings.

What is Conquistando Escalones?

The Conquistando Escalones Association forms a family that suffers, for more than 8 generations, a unique genetic mutation in the world makes them ill  but in turn, scientists have proven that it makes them immune to HIV. Currently, several research groups are looking for a cure for them that can also save millions. Therefore, Conquistando Escalones must get € 200,000 every year to be able to pay for these investigations. The way to get these funds is by holding events, campaigns and other initiatives.