A solidary solution to avoid wearing the masks on the elbow

It does not take a great observer to realize that since the masks came into our lives, they have become an object that one does not know very well what to do when sitting down for a drink or reaching the pool or the beach. At the Conquistando Escalones Association “we have thought of a way so that you do not wear the mask rolling or on your elbow. And Laia, creator of Vila-real, has made this possible, ”explains the president of the Association, Abrahan Guirao.

These are handmade “bags” with two compartments, in different models that serve both adults and children. And with a size that makes it ideal to carry alone or inside a larger bag. In this way, an attempt has been made to find a solution to this situation that can also be contagious, since according to the advice of some experts, it should not be put directly in the pocket or bag, because they are a vector of contamination. It is also not advisable to put it in a closed plastic bag or put it on the elbow or head.

The Conquering Steps Association is made up of those affected (all of them consanguineous) by a rare, genetic, hereditary and degenerative disease called Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F. A few years ago it was discovered that the mutation that causes it makes them immune to HIV. The association supports the research of a large group of researchers who are looking for a cure for their condition and at the same time new treatments for HIV. These investigations are carried out in a coordinated manner in centers such as La Fe in Valencia, the Carlos III Institute in Madrid, the University of Valencia and the Vall d’Hebrón in Barcelona, ​​in addition to other internationals in Italy, the United Kingdom and Finland. This is why, since the cancellation of events from the Association, we have worked on new ways of fundraising, promoting the sale of products through the online store in addition to the aforementioned Fernando Simón mugs, such as masks and especially “our craft and solidarity beer, ACE Beer”. It can be accessed and collaborated by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.