Verse donates € 4 to Conquistando Escalones for each donation received from € 1

The Conquistando Escalones Association is one of the verified associations that are in the ‘Verse’ application. What is ‘Verse’? Very simple: it is like Bizum, with the main difference that you can donate from all over Europe, whatever bank you have. Instead of being inside the Spanish banks app, Verse is independent, you make payments or receive after downloading it and it does not have any commissions.

In addition to getting a lot out of it on a private level, how can you help Conquistando Escalones with Verse? Very easy too. You download the app, hit the blue arrow at the bottom right which is to make a payment and with the magnifying glass you look for us by putting “Conquering Steps”.

Or even easier, click on this link:$conquistandoescalones

AND ATTENTION, best of all. For each new user who installs the app and makes a donation (from € 1 it already works), Verse will donate € 4 for medical research on Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV.