Conquistando Escalones brings the Santa Catalina Fair to your home

The Conquistando Escalones Association has launched a special campaign on the occasion of the Santa Catalina Fair, a traditional event in the town of Vila-real and that this year due to COVID-19 has been suspended. Thus, those who wish can buy in the Association’s online store ( the pack they choose: mocaorà; mocaroà with drink, with individual or double option, and the new pack that includes a detail for the little ones in the house.

This promotion, which will be active until November 24, also includes the offer of free shipping to Vila-real; at low cost in the province of Castellón and shipments to the rest of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. The packs will have local products. Thus, in the different packs, you can find chestnuts, figs, dates and walnuts, provided by the Hermanos Notari companies, with extensive sales experience in the markets. For the drink option, in addition to the craft beer and solidarity A.C.E. Beer “We have had Manolo Navarro and Noelia Bort from Licores Nelet, because they have always given us their support and, in recent years, we owe our presence at the Santa Catalina Fair to them,” says the President of the Association, Abrahan Guirao. In addition, all these products include a typical handkerchief and a whistle.

The president encourages both the residents of Vila-real and those who do not live in the city to make their pack because in this way “they will keep alive the tradition of our town; they will help local companies and, in addition, they will contribute so that our investigations continue in march ”.


The Conquistando Escalones Association is made up of those affected by a rare, genetic, hereditary and degenerative disease called Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F. A few years ago it was discovered that the mutation that causes it makes them immune to HIV. The association supports the research of a large group of researchers who seek a cure for their ailment and at the same time new treatments for HIV. Said research is carried out in a coordinated manner in centers such as La Fe de Valencia, the Carlos III Institute of Madrid, the University of Valencia, the University of Bologna and the San Camilo Institute in Italy, as well as other international centers in France, the United Kingdom and Finland. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. More information and ways to collaborate at