Youtubers and other content creators can now easily create campaigns for Conquistando Escalones

The Conquistando Escalones Association has become part of the non-profit associations selected on the two main platforms that serve as a link for Youtubers and content creators to collaborate with solidarity causes.

From now on, any creator who makes videos and content for YouTube, Twitch, TikTok or Discord will be able to help Conquistando Escalones through Tiltify:

And the creators of Youtube, Twitch and Facebook can also do it through Streamlabs Charity:

There are many around the world who create content and broadcast live (“stream”) through YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. Many with millions of followers, others in a more humble way. And the two platforms offer the possibility that any “streamer” can choose associations to help in their broadcasts, making them known among their followers and creating campaigns and challenges for people to donate to them. Also, anyone without having to create or make videos, can donate by clicking a simple button, just as Conquistando Escalones currently offers the possibility of donating through Facebook, Bizum, Verse, Paypal and other channels along with, of course, the option of direct deposit into the bank account.

As always, the Conquistando Escalones Association seeks all the options at its disposal to continue to become known and raise funds for medical research that works intensely in the search for a cure on Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV. Searching for new ways and being up to date with all social and technological trends is especially vital in these times, where the situation due to the pandemic generated by covid19 has made it difficult to reach a goal.