The personal assistance allowance and independent living offices

Las Oficinas de Vida Independiente ven a las personas con diversidad funcional como riqueza para la sociedad y luchan para que estas dispongan de los soportes humanos y tecnológicos necesarios para estar en igualdad y aportar a la sociedad.

Sometimes, public administrations offer aids and / or services that, both the interested persons and the workers, are unaware or do not know in depth enough to know who to offer it to or how to manage it. Although it is not related to the investigation of our disease, it seems interesting and important to us to echo something that involves any person with disability / functional diversity and / or in a situation of dependency.

It is important to make known that there is the economic benefit of personal assistance, which aims to promote the autonomy of people in a situation of dependency in any of their grades due to their functional diversity. Its objective is to contribute to the hiring of personal assistance that facilitates the beneficiary’s access to education and / or work, or to enable greater autonomy in the exercise of the basic activities of daily life, their inclusion and participation in the community. Many people with disabilities / functional diversity are unaware of the possibility of applying for it. This can be processed through the social services of your city or town.

What are independent living offices?

In line with what we mentioned, many social workers do not know the details of this benefit. Thus, with the aim of guiding the beneficiary and helping them in the process (among many other things), there are Independent Living Offices (OVI in Spanish), whose objective is that people with functional diversity have the necessary human and technological support. to be equal and contribute to society. These entities can help those interested in the procedures necessary for this benefit, in addition to having job boards for personal assistants among many other things.

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P.S. On May 5, the European Day in favor of Independent Living for people with Functional Diversity was celebrated and THIS MANIFESTO was disseminated from different groups.

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