‘Quesomentando Escalones – El Musical’ raises about € 500 for medical research

The first cheese pairing tasting, A.C.E. Beer and music «Quesomentando Escalones- El Musical» has raised about € 500 for medical research on Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F-D2 and HIV. A figure that has been achieved thanks to the 98 participants in the tasting, to the selfless work of Alberto Santos, owner of Quesomentero and the duo of musicians “Great Musician and Best Person”, Ángel Belinchón and Jordi Moliner.

On Thursday, June 3 at 8:00 p.m. on the Twitch channel of Abrahán Guirao, president of the Conquistando Escalones Association, dozens of people gathered who had a pleasant time and who collaborated in this way so that the medical research of our disease do not stop. If you have not yet been able to do the tasting or if you want to relive the performances you can follow this link. We also leave you the video below.

It should be remembered that Quesomentero has been helping the Association since its inception. Before he collaborated with menus and since he opened in the new location, his contribution goes through the sale of our beer both in the restaurant and online and in the use of the A.C.E. Beer in tastings. In total, Quesometero’s donations to Conquistando Escalones now total € 8000. Many thanks!