Conquistando Escalones in the Central Market of Vila-real

Every morning from Tuesday 2 to Saturday 6 November, the Conquistando Escalones Association will have a stand at the Central Market of Vila-real (Castellón). This is thanks to the market initiative in which they are offering during these months to the local NGOs, the power to have visibility and to be able to sell their solidarity products.

From Conquistando Escalones we are waiting for you with our Christmas Lottery, our wall calendars, all the new products that we have been incorporating in our line of natural cosmetics (artisan soaps; facial cream; chocolate serum or aloe vera and coconut shower gel) ; the aluminum and glass bottles as well as the already traditional special packs with our artisanal and solidarity beer A.C.E. Beer, and the book “The tournament of his life.” All this without forgetting the rest of products such as masks, t-shirts, mugs, bags and exclusive hand-made cloth bags, among others.

In addition, during that week we will announce new products of which on Saturday we will do a tasting, what will it be?

Be sure to take advantage of this ideal opportunity to come and say hello and, if you feel like it, collaborate with the medical research on Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F / D2 and HIV.