The research of Conquistando Escalones and the University of Valencia receives a boost of € 25,000 from the FEDER Foundation

From the Conquistando Escalones Association and the alliance of research groups seeking effective drugs for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F / D2 and HIV, they are working tirelessly on ways to find funding to achieve the goal. In addition to the realization of campaigns and events, there is an arduous and laborious work in the shadows that implies presenting to a multitude of calls for funds (both public and private), without giving up year after year despite being in most cases very competitive and hard to come by.

The FEDER Foundation (Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases), which is made up of 386 associations, annually launches a call that aims to promote the development of research in the field of rare diseases by financing basic or translational research projects in rare diseases. We are happy to announce that research on our disease has been one of those selected in the VI Annual Call for Research Grants of the FEDER Foundation and will receive a boost of € 25,000. Specifically, this money will go to the project “Repositioning of drugs in LGMDD2: validation in cellular model” led by Prof. Rubén Darío Artero Allepuz of the University of Valencia.

Although there is much work to be done, getting support with this type of aid and also doing it within the category of “treatments” is a reflection of everything that has been achieved during these years. These funds, which are received directly by the University of Valencia, will be used to continue working on the repositioning of drugs that work as a treatment for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F / D2, which is already in the testing phase in patient cells as published in THIS NOTE with findings in this regard.

In addition, this November, before knowing this pleasant but unexpected news about the award and economic boost, we have renewed the work agreement with the University of Valencia, paying € 11,427’78, 50% of what is necessary for them to work until June 2022, pending a second transfer for the same amount for February. Thanks to this payment, in addition to this award from the FEDER Foundation, this part of the research is covered for almost all of 2022, deferring having to pay 50% pending the agreement at the end of the year.

This, which is a great joy, does not mean that we are going to lower our work rate one iota on the way to continue raising funds, since the rest of the laboratories need our financial support to be able to move forward and we must have money to pay. of laboratory expenses, personnel and also for the challenges that come to us in the not too distant future such as drug testing on patients in clinical studies, something as exciting as it is expensive.

More information about this call for grants and the rest of the awarded projects: