The return on foot through Rosildos raises more than 400 euros

The La Serra grouped rural school (CRA), located in Rosildos and also attended by students from La Serra d’en Galceran and Els Ibarsos, has donated to our Association a total of €406 raised thanks to the first Volta a peu solidària in which approximately 150 people participated, including students and teachers from the three classrooms and their families.

We want to thank La Serra for thinking of us to be the beneficiaries of this event, known by the educational community as the Trobada de Nadal, and especially Miriam Ramos, teacher at the CRA and family member of the president of the Association, Abrahán Guirao . This amount will be used entirely for the medical research that we promote at Conquistando Escalones.

From the school they explain to us that the atmosphere that was experienced was “very fun” since the students from the three classrooms gathered together and marched through the town and then ended the quarter by dancing. Without a doubt, a great prelude to start the Christmas holidays.