Fundación Inocente, Inocente supports the research of Conquistando Escalones with €15,000

Inocente Foundation, Inocente has held the gala for the delivery of aid corresponding to 2024 in a call aimed at collaborating with rare diseases that affect minors. The entity thus distributes 1,250,000 euros to 98 projects, among which is one presented by Conquistando Escalones; specifically, “Translational research on TNPO3, a key protein in the genesis of LGMDD2 muscular dystrophy that confers resistance to HIV infection” led by the professor of genetics at the University of Valencia, Rubén Artero, and which has been endowed with 15,000 euros from the Foundation. “It costs us a lot to raise every euro we get for our cause and obtaining 15,000 is a new achievement for Conquistando Escalones. It has been a very demanding call with a lot of competition, so we are very satisfied to have been beneficiaries and we can only thank the Foundation for this contribution,” indicates the president of the Association, Abrahán Guirao.

At Conquistando Escalones we apply for these grants after preparing a conscientious and complete application based on the research project headed by Professor Artero that aims to provide preclinical evidence of activity, mechanisms of action and safety of compounds that modulate the function of TNPO3 for its eventual development to the clinic and its use in Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F/D2 (LGMDD2) and protection against HIV. On the other hand, reagents of great biomedical interest will be generated, such as cell lines derived from patients and biochemical tools.

Of the total amount of aid for this year, financed thanks to the Inocente, Inocente Gala, more than 500,000 euros have gone to biomedical research projects, the purpose of which is to improve the diagnosis and/or find a treatment for a rare disease. The rest has been for projects of a welfare nature such as carrying out therapies and aid for the acquisition of support products for minors and, in general, orthopedic and orthoprosthetic aids.