Vila-real supports the runners from Celtic Submarí that will run for Conquistando Escalones

The Councilor of Sports Silvia Gómez shows her support to the charity initiative

– Help the cause by donating at the “solidarity kilometres”

– You can also donate as a Km.0 donation type

As we told you weeks ago, 6 members of the Penya Celtic Submarí will run at the Valencia’s Marathon Trinidad Alfonso to help us to raise funds in order to keep paying the medical investigations which seek the cure for the LGMD1-F Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS. They will wear the shirts that the VillarrealCF has donated to us which will show also the logos of our sponsors: Celtic Submarí, Canós Impressors, CASDA, Esport2, Lina Granell, Beerattack and VilaSport FS.

Today they were able to visit the Town Hall of Vila-real where the Councillor for Sports, Silvia Gómez, expressed her support to the initiative. The runners are Ramon Torner Torner Ferran, Domingo Font, Jorge Teruel, Neus Aymerich and Kike Bordería.

Apart from the sponsors, the campaign will receive funds based on donations of all who want to contribute as a solidarity kilometer. Piggy banks have been distributed on several friendly shops, next to a poster where are numbered the 42 km of the marathon. Donate the amount you want and sign up on the board at the solidarity km where you want to spend the donation. Piggy banks and posters can be found at:

– Penya Celtic Submarí (C/Solaofs nº 18 of Vila-real)

– Maria José Roca Estilismes (C/Burriana nº 62 of Vila-real)

– Beerattack (C/Germanies nº 6 of Vila-real)

– Perfumarte (C/La Sang of Crist nº 18 of Vila-real)

– Farmacia Lina Vidal (Avda. Francia nº 33 of Vila-real)

– Vila-fruit (Plaza Corona of Aragón nº 2 of Vila-real)

– Esport 2 (C/ Torrehermosa nº 23 of Vila-real)

– Catering Pastelería Esther (Plaza Borrull nº 27 y Plaza Cardona Vives nr. 5 of Castellón)

IMPORTANT: The marathon is on November 20th, so that day we will collect all the piggy banks. You must do the donation BEFORE that day.

And if you can’t come by to donate but you want to collaborate, you can do a bank transfer as “Kilómetro 0” on:  ES69 0487 0539 2120 0000 1357