Metronotte lottery gets € 1,500 for medical research

A few years ago, in the north-east of Italy, a Football7 tournament was held in which the participating teams, thanks to the sale of the lottery, were able to raise funds for the expenses of the following season. Although this year has not been celebrated, one of the participating teams, the ‘Metronotte’, wanted to continue with the tradition of this lottery and pre-summer macro draw and this time, to distribute the proceeds between associations with presence in the area. As you know, part of our family resides in Italian Friuli and works tirelessly to cure our Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F, which in turn can lead to a possible cure for HIV. Conquistando Escalones participated actively in the event as well as in the sale of lottery and was one of the associations to which the benefit was destined, thanks to which ‘Metronotte’ has donated us 1,500 € for medical research.











The day of the prize draw of the lottery took place on Saturday, June 10 with the extraction of the winning numbers of the 69 prizes and resulting a wonderful day of celebration, friendship and solidarity. The association “Riva and Borgo Castello” was the host in a beautiful location as it is the oldest castle in the city of Gorizia, allowing us to offer to the by-standers paella dishes and liters of sangria, thanks to which collected 220 € extra.


Our thanks to “Metronotte” for this wonderful initiative, to all who bought lottery tickets, to all who participated on Saturday eating paella and sangria celebrating our roots, to the Association “Riva and Borgo Castello” for having welcomed us, but special thanks to Stefano Bezzi who wanted us to be part of all this and that with the donation of 1,500 € has allowed us to climb one step further of our mountain towards the cure of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F. Gestures and days like this fill our heart with joy and give us the strength to move forward without losing hope for a better future for our family and millions of people throughout the world.