Presentation of the craft beer of the Conquistando Escalones Association

‘- On Wednesday, 20 September at 20:00 in Beerattack (Vila-real) and Thursday 21 September at 20:00 in Lupulove (Castellón)

As we announced weeks ago, the Conquistando Escalones Association is going to have its own craft beer (A.C.E.) in order, as in everything it does, to raise funds for medical research that seeks a cure for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 1F that afflicts its members, as well as stop HIV, since the genetic mutation that causes muscle disease, immunizes against AIDS.

It is already ready to be acquired and will be presented in a double presentation that will take place on Wednesday 20 September in Beerattack (Vila-real) and on Thursday 21 September in Lupulove (Castellón).


From that day, it will be available at all the restaurants, shops and leisure facilities that have already booked it, and the list will continue to expand, and is open to anyone who wishes to have it. Also, it will have presence in several fairs and events that we will announce. To help cover expenses related to its production, sponsors such as eConectia and Esther Catering have already joined, and we hope that all those who want to promote their brand will join in a project that will take it to all the sites that arrive, which will not be few.

Remember that the recipe of the same is form Antonio Esteller, water control technician and associate pharmacist of the College of Pharmacists of Castellón and author and ideologist, among other beers, of the brand ‘LaCabra Beer’, and the elaboration has had place in Castelló Beer Factory, factory of artisan beers that, today and in spite of its youth, already harvests several prizes thanks to its elaborated beers. In front of it are Jesus Troncho, Antonio Carbajo and Víctor García.

From the Conquistando Escalones Association, we want to thank the support of the Council of Economy of Vila-real Town Hall, the designers Daniel Trudu and Giovanna Coletta for their contributions to the label, as well as to Juan Antonio García for the composition and elaboration of it.

We encourage you to attend the double presentation (totally free entrance), to indicate it in the Facebook event created for it, as well as to share it and invite your friends: