The new adventure of Conquistando Escalones and ‘A.C.E. Beer’

Our family suffers from Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 1F, whose unique genetic mutation in the world, while making us suffer, immunizes us against the HIV virus. An international alliance of several groups of researchers is looking for a cure for us and for millions. We have formed the Conquistando Escalones Association to raise the necessary funds to get it.

With more than € 150,000 raised and paid in less than two years and with the need to get another € 200,000 next year so that the research does not stop, we do not stop campaigns, events and initiatives. We have brought out a craft beer that is a great success. With 1000 liters exhausted in less than a month and with dozens of stores that already have it, ‘A.C.E. Beer ‘is now embarking on an adventure of making miles on a custom bike to raise funds for medical research. This bike will travel with us at fairs, congresses and events that we will visit.

With the realization of “Sal de la fila”, we launched an original spot created to attract sponsors who support us in this adventure and help us, covering expenses derived from the brewing, so the largest number of funds goes directly to the medical research:

If you want to join as a sponsor, contact us before November 10th. All project info and economic conditions HERE.