Conquistando Escalones renews its collaboration with the Unit of Immunopathology of AIDS of the Carlos III Institute of Madrid

Since the medical alliance that investigates the protein that causes our Limb-girlde Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV, the team of the Unit of Immunopathology of AIDS of the Carlos III Institute of Madrid, works tirelessly in the search for treatments for the muscular disease, as well as new ways to neutralize the AIDS virus. To date, many promising advances have already been made and from the Conquistando Escalones association, thanks to the money raised in the events held, as well as income from donors and associates, we have renewed the Sara Rodríguez work contract for another 6 months. Mora, the doctor who works directly and exclusively on the project, although also collaborating in the same, laboratory partners such as Dr. Mayte Coiras and more recently Dr. Javier García-Pérez.

In this time, progress has been made in understanding the mechanism of resistance to HIV infection and some of the causes and reasons have already been discovered, why this happens and at what moments of the infectious cycle of the virus. Extensive laboratory analyzes have been carried out that open the possibility of finding a symptomatic improvement of the disease or a slowing down in the progression of the symptoms. New cellular and molecular models have been developed with leading genetic editing tools such as CRISPR. The development of new techniques to carry out drug screenings is also under development. This search for effective drugs is developed in close contact with Dr.Artero of the University of Valencia who has generated models of drosophila, and with Dr.Vílchez de La Fe. Also, during these years, from the Unit directed by Dr. .Alcamí, he has worked and works in contact with research institutes in Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom and France. We are awaiting and expecting that all the discoveries made will soon be published in a major research journal and that this will serve as a boost.

From Conquistando Escalones we want to thank the team of Dr.Alcamí and Dr.Mora in particular, all their work in an implication that surpasses the merely professional and in a battle that we carry forward side by side and it is not easy. Sometimes we face financing problems, others still having the financing to the ballast and wall of the bureaucracy, but despite everything we move forward.

We remember that this would not be possible without the help and collaboration of all those who in one way or another help us. You can also do it: