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Wheelchair Wrestling Match For Medical Research

Since a year ago, COVID came into our lives, many of us have had to do our “renew or die” thing. With this maxim and with the aim of raising funds for medical research, the president of the Association, Abrahán Guirao, has created a profile on the Twitch platform (twitch.tv/turbolover1984).

Specifically, the goal is to get € 20,000 to be used for a year’s work at the University of Valencia. It should be remembered that from this entity they work in the line of testing drugs, already in human cells of patients, to treat Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F-D2. Anyone can donate to the solidarity campaign and also get rewards and direct gifts (even be a sponsor of the campaign if you are a company).

YOU CAN DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGN AT THIS LINK (from € 1): https://tiltify.com/@turbolover1984-2e50d0/luchando-por-la-conquista-de-escalones

The operation of the campaign is based on the challenges, which will be done live, when certain economic objectives are achieved. The first challenge, for example, will be held when € 500 in donations are reached, Guirao together with a friend will do a live tasting of extreme hot spices. The final challenge of celebration, when the € 20,000 is achieved, will be to participate in a fight against Wrestling wrestlers, a challenge that faces the disease and its limitations but also in these turbulent times and with which it is staged that nothing is going to stop us.

All this, and the different challenges that have been proposed, can be seen in the profile of the Twitch platform in which almost daily in the afternoon you can see the president of the Association streaming with content such as a sports gathering about Villarreal C.F. «El Var Groguet», playing different video games, interacting in different ways with all the followers and a content window that will expand exponentially every week.

The president of Conquistando Escalones has wanted to make it clear that “this channel is personal and everything that says or happens in it only represents my opinion and my person at no time to the Association, although the main objective of having created it is to raise funds for the medical research “.