Conquistando Escalones 2021 Christmas Lottery now available


Maintaining the collaboration with the Carlos III Lottery Administration (Fuenlabrada), as well as the number played in recent years, the Conquistando Escalones Association will play in the Extraordinary Christmas Draw, with the number 36058.

You can PURCHASE IT PHYSICALLY (tenths to € 23, 20 plays, 3 donations) at the following points (we will edit and expand):

Vila-real (Castellón):

  • NU-Vila (Av Cedre 17)

Villajoyosa (Alicante):

  • Call 690 09 78 41 (Toni)

Premià de Mar (Barcelona):

  • In C / Torrente Santa Anna nº25
  • Or call 640 12 61 59 (Mabel)

Northwest Murcia:

  • Self-service and Estanco Juani (C / Nueva 35 – Valentín)
  • Call 690 21 04 42 (Luisa)

For those who want to get hold of it but are not close to some of the delegates or collaborators who sell it, they can BUY AN ONLINE PARTICIPATION IN THIS LINK for € 5 (you play 4, 1 is a donation).

For general information you can contact us at 605263064 or on our Facebook: