Conquistando Escalones launches the September party campaign ‘manteniu la vostra penya sense virus Corona,però amb birra bona!’


The Town Hall of Vila-real has recently announced that it authorizes the activity in the clubs and that the “Nit de la Xulla” will be held (among other events in honor of the Virgin of Grace). The Conquistando Escalones Association has wanted to join these activities, as well as the consistory, “from prudence, responsibility and health regulations and time limitations.” For this reason, they launch the campaign “keep your mind penya sense virus Corona, però amb birra bona!”.

Thus, all those who wish can have “our A.C.E Beer, the artisanal and solidarity beer, at a promotional price and without shipping costs,” explains the president of the Association, Abrahán Guirao. Orders can be made through the Conquistando Escalones online store ( and it should be noted that all profits from the sale of craft beer are used to pay for the medical research that is being carried out. out to find a cure for 1F-D2 Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and in the process help the millions affected by HIV.

Guirao explained that this initiative has arisen because “since the festivities have been authorized for so long, we want them to have a point of solidarity.” And he adds “for 5 years we have been present at the parties with the Beer Rock Fest” and that is why, this time, as far as possible “we want to remain present”. At the same time, it affects the message of “prudence and respect” for sanitary measures and that a situation like the current one makes it clear that “without science there is no future” and this is a good opportunity to enjoy a good beer and at the same time collaborate in research.